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Oasis Camel Foundation and Dairy

Located near San Diego, the Oasis Camel Foundation and Dairy is an agricultural refuge for camels and serves as both a dairy where mother camels raise their own calves and an educational resource dedicated to teaching about camels.

The Oasis Camel Foudation and Dairy, located in San Diego's beautiful backcountry is a forty-three acre oasis and home to over twenty dromedary camels plus miniature spotted sheep, colorful birds, horses and goldfish ponds.
Camel mothers raise their own calves.  Farm owners, Gil and Nancy Riegler teach the mother and baby camels to come in to the milking parlor and give a small amount of their milk for making camel milk soaps, lotions, lip balms and more.  All the rest of the milk is consumed by the calf.

The Oasis Camel Foundation and Dairy is also a refuge for injured, missplaced camels where they can rest, heal and rehabilitate.  Dedicated to educating about the intellegence, importance and influence of the camel, the Oasis Camel Foundatin and Dairy hosts events, clinics, workshops and supports an online presence to celebrate and honor camels and excellence in camel care.